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better efficiency

Improve productional and operational efficiency with use of machine learning. Remove bottlenecks and identify root causes efficiently.

accelerate innovation

Increase speed of innovation by mining large amounts of data and discover patterns with effective use of data science.

increase revenue

Increase revenue generation by incorporating predictive capabilities for better decison making to maximise opportunities.

about our project

DROOTOO enables organizations to improve business agility with a one stop option to take care of AI development, implementation and accelerate innovation.

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  • data science
  • development
  • implementation


requirements and idea

Understanding the business requirements and evolution of data science solutions idea.

concept and design

Convert the idea into a business solutions design.

development and testing

Development of the data science project and testing of the output.

proof of concept

Demonstrate the business idea by performing POC.

implementation and deployment

Implement the AI solution into staging and production environments for business consumption.

management and support

Help to manage the production environment and provide technical support.

our clients

let's work togetheroo

We will assist you in every stage of your data science and AI project lifecycle.